Sunday, August 21, 2005


Introspection about people and things around me.
Whats changed and whats not?

One of those days when I am just happy to be alone.. : )

Thursday, August 18, 2005


We hit it big today!

Kaushal, if I write about you I could take a long time and I am sleepy. Should suffice to say that you are the best negotiator that India has right now.

Marketing Placom : I wrote you a mail.

The Batch : Thanks guys!

Abha: So you did admit that I am the best Company Co-ordinator. ; )

Cadburys: Here I come...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


"Life boils down to a few moments and this is one of 'em"

Bud Fox in the the movie Wall Street

And today, there were four of 'em in one of the most amazing days of my life...

16th August ,2005

#1 : Megha and me at the Vivekananda Square at around 11 a.m. .. a tear or two on my suit and a tear or two on her shirt. Two sighs of relief.. and two chocolates down the drain

#2 : "Amitesh , HLL spot" . That was a kick!

#3 : Aparna,Aparna,Aparna... I think I got one of my best lines in with her today..

"So now whenever I look at you, I have a reason to celebrate... "
Seriously , I am kinda proud of my creation.. I should use this line more often ... : )

#4 : The Walk for Marlboro Lights.

Friday, August 12, 2005


It could be :
Ex-Placom,SPJIMR.. :D

I am on a reaaaaallll high today!

I think about it and talk about it too but I think for the record:

I love my batch...

Moi reeeallllly on a moon tonight!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Etched - II

Simply put : Stuck. Cornered. Grounded. Stranded. Can’t do a thing.

There was consensus though that man has been known to survive without food and water for 30 hours and with that in mind most of us retired to our beds. Those interested joined watching one of the two movies running on the first and third floor. Taking Lives and Sarkar they were I think. (In hindsight there seems to be brand fit between the situation then and the name Taking Lives)

I can bet my head on the fact that no one would have even imagined to grab a morsel that night. With waters neck deep high surrounding us who could even think of venturing outside?
Good Night Everyone!

12:30 a.m. 27th July,2005,301-A,SP Jain BH:
Knock Knock.
"We have Chapattis on First Floor. Go down and eat something."

12:32 a.m. 27th July,2005,First Floor SP Jain BH :
One table surrounded by 80 odd guys.
3 guys distributing something.
2 cellphones for candles.
160 odd folded hands.
1 Chapatti in each pair of hands, stuffed with rice.
The Mood: Sombre and Silent.
Need for Food: Right up there!
The Image: Etched Forever!

Sameer ,Vishnu and Sriram .. we can never thank you evermore.
We love you for putting us ahead of yourselves.

10:30 a.m. 27th July,2005,SP Jain BH.

A drizzle outside. The rains seemed to have stopped.
Water:Waist high.Manageable.Finally a trip to the mess again.
“ Dean and 6 other profs stuck at the insti still…”
“So what?”

Some things never change.

8:30 p.m. 27th July,2005,SP Jain Mess.

Our choice of music for the first time in the mess. Sounds splendid.
Ankur playing requests.
Dance for the first time in the mess. Feels splendid
The Mood: Festive, We survived. Partha lives on to tell the story.
Need for companionship: Right up there!

An unbelievable ride , an unbelievable batch in an unbelievable city.

P.S. - Mumbai- Rains,ONGC,Flights,Rumours and More Rains- you still dont crib and you get on with your work. I was on FM for 4 hours on the afternoon of 27th July and now I know why people say this city is special.

Quote of the day on 27th July,2005: On an FM Channel : A couple stranded in the car for 38 hours before making it to their home when asked to describe their ordeal had this to say:
"Faith ,Hope and Love gets you everywhere..."

Song for the moment: Who'll stop the Rain-CCR

Excerpt: Long as I remember The rain been coming down.
Clouds of myst'ry pouring Confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages, Trying to find the sun;
And I wonder, Still I wonder,
Who'll stop the rain.

Etched- I

P&P was a funny subject for us in First Year.
No one worth his salt needs to apply those vague principles one learns in P&P for application in his/her corporate life. If anyone really does need to apply the principles and theories laid in those 3 text books and 11 handouts we went through for the subect in his/her professional stint, it would , IMHO ,be due to an acute scarcity of horse sense.

However , an oft used and abused theory from the subject is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Triangle. It is man's intention to move towards the peak of that triangle , so we are told. Or that the human self tries to eclipse the previous four blocks of needs to reach the "Need for Self Actualization "level. The whole thing does make some sense.

It made tremendous sense for us on the night of 26th July,2005 at the Boys Hostel at SPJIMR. India's heaviest rainfall in the shortest possible time flung us up and down that blocked triangle I just described. We were hurled around those five levels of the triangle , dealt with by nature like maggots and for once we thought we would be lucky to survive the rain!

It began like any other rainy afternoon.
And I was with RB catching up after a long time.
The lights went off in some time .. just like any other rainy afternoon.
In the course of our conversation we happened to see the tubelights kept on the GW Rooms floor floating effortlessly on the water that had gushed in. Well.. at this point of time we told each other maybe.. just maybe this isnt like any other rainy afternoon.

So we went around the campus and heard that the CRM presentations had been cancelled. We saw water in our domes till knee height and we went to the Bistro to splash water with Ronaldesque kicks .And on last count me and Morpheus were tied at 1-1.
At around 4 :30 p.m. while me and RB were at the entrance of our college wondering how to get back to the hostel , we were confronted with this sight of one of our classmates with slippers in hand striving to get some attention from this guy. While our man was in the Jeetendra mould- of all charm and poise the lady reflected all that I really cannot put in words now.

Nevertheless ,we started walking towards the hostel at around 5:30 and it wasnt as much of a walk as much of a float-and-wade that we employed. The ploy proved successful and once we were in the hostel we also ventured into the lawn with chest deep water in there for a fairly competitive game of Water Polo. We also mixed some volleyball and rugby rules and our Social Need for companionship was being met with some unexpected speed and success.

And then someone popped a question: What next?

Err.... cant go out , cant call anyone, cant be on the LAN, cant see the TV, cant heat the water for a bath, cant connect the lappies, damn cant even see anyone in this darkness in the hostel!

What next really?

"How about something to eat? "
"Who's got the stuff? "
"Jayaram's not here either?"
"Damn.. What /how/when /where do we EAT??? "
"Sleep man.. just forget about it. Things will be better tumro."
"Excuse me I was on FM .This rains not stopping in the next 48 hours! "
"Partha .. actually if this is true.. you will be the first in line to get butchered.. so do something"