Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calvin Hobbes Ke Taare Zameen Perth...

a. ) Am a sucker for useless movie trivia so here's one :

The sequence of the maths quiz question of 3 X 9 and the subsequent clash of the planets in Ishaan's mind is taken from the Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snowgoons in which Calvin comes with an answer of 6 to the question of "6+5 = " . For the record, the sequence is on pages 38 & 39 and Ishaan's answer was 3.

b.) The look on Ponting's face in the Perth post match press conference.Priceless doesn't quite sum it up!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shameful , Ponting, Shameful!

i) It could well be true that Bhajji said what he said.
But how and why can one's man word be considered more pious than the other's in a judicial hearing? And if the umpires, who were the neutral parties, didn't hear anything, shouldn't it have gone in Bhajji's favor? After all, our case was that nothing objectionable was uttered and the umpires said they hadn't heard anything objectionable.

ii) Sameer, a dear friend, had a neat theory and I quote him. " Maybe he said, Behen Ki, Maa Ki... and it came across as Monkey..."

iii) The most shocking umpiring I've seen in a while. And while Australia have received many many decisions in their favor at home against a number of touring teams, this test match alone has to take the cake.

iv) Kumble: Like Sunny said, you're a fantastic ambassador for Indian Cricket. We're proud to have you on our side.

v) Ponting: Your batting is the only good thing about your existence on earth.I would wish even my worst enemy to wear some more character than what you displayed on Day 5 of the Sydney test!

vi.) Life moves on.I now own the entire set of C&H including the Sunday Pages and Tenth Anniversary Book. :-)