Monday, October 26, 2009

The Pursuit of Happyness

Different routes ?

Get the one thing that you want most in life right now - like Ali and Zara

Change the world - like Gandhi

Speak up - like Jeffrey Wigand

Fulfil your dream - like Iqbal

Leave your existing baggage and do what you loved when you were in college - like Aditya, Jo, Rob and KD

Just be with someone you love - like C.C. Baxter

Go back to your best friends in life - like Sameer, Akash and Sid

Find a purpose - like Oskar Schindler

Take revenge - like The Bride

Forgive someone - like Cristina Peck

Make the one unforgettable sacrifice for someone you love - like Rick Blaine

Get lucky - like Bacon, Soap, Tom and Eddie

Live your life for someone else - like Chris Gardner

Or work inch by inch and minute by minute to work your way out of the shit around you - like Andy Dufresne...