Monday, May 25, 2009

The Deccan Chargers have arrived !

We have it!

After 13 months of when I first wrote about it and a month after I last hinted we might be moving towards it, the job's done.

Three sights that will forever remain from this year's final.

a.) Gilly urging his team mates just before the RCB innings took off. The passion in his eyes and his animated quick discourse firing up his team mates to win this almost told you DC will win it but the players had to live up to the captain and live up they did in style. If you need anymore proof of this, just replay in your mind Harmeet Singh's catch to dismiss Vinay Kumar in the 19th over - as good a catch as any you will see in any form of cricket! And possibly the best in a long time given the context of the game.

b.) The other is Pragyan Ojha's reactions - first after getting Manish Pandey and then after getting Van Der Merwe. If Gilly's eyes were all about passion then here was a man who wanted the win so badly he was going to get everyone from RCB out if they gave the man a few more overs. That belief in his ability shining through his face.

c.) The reserve bench running towards Gilly's arms after the game ended. As a fan, I would've to confess, that was something to see and not to write about.

All in all - sometimes it is indeed a function of how badly you want to achieve something. Looking at both the teams especially, looking at the way DC came out all fired up didn't you get the feeling Gilly wanted it more than Kumble?

Or maybe like analysts of all hues, I'm just trying to make sense where there's none.

In anycase, DECCAN CHARGERS - good on ya mates!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Moving to Mumbai and IPL

Two things affecting my life right now.

IPL is turning out to be 'happening' !

And my internal transfer to Mumbai office is happening.