Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Title of course..

Not many familiar with a band called Megadeth or having a decent knowledge of French would wonder about the rationale of the title of my blog. I would be disappointing the lot who venture this far for a raison d'etre for selecting "Tout Le Monde" and hence this post for the benefit of those who would perchance manage to set eyes on this title of a certain blogger number 10167023 .(Look up at the link that this browser shows....Yep I am in an exclusively elite club of only those many members .)
Introduced to the music of Megadeth in Bangalore only a year ago by Anoop I could not listen to anything but Megadeth for quite a while and Tout Le Monde is something that simply brings me back to life.(And lest I forget thats the name of one of their songs before I launch into something that explains succintly everything but leaves you wondering if Tout le Monde is their preferred brand of undergarment..) .Tout le Monde defines one's existence of being ,it defies logics and it tells you to make a mark before you leave this world. The song emantes unadulterated,unmatched and unthinkable energy and I try living by that. Some other extraneous factors also contribute to the relevance of this song ,the account of which shall be dealt with on a later date .
Oh yeah... this is important ..Someday I would rewrite the first paragraph of this song cos thats one part in the song that I will change in my life.And until I do that this shall remain my daily Psalm...

So as you read this know my friends
I'd love to stay with you all
Please smile when you think of me
My body's gone that's all
A tout le monde (To all the World )
A tout les amis (To all my friends)
Je vous aime (I love you)
Je dois partir (I have to leave)
There are the last words I'll ever speak
And they'll set me free ..


Sandy said...

Neat beginning!Whats with the French dude!
J'aime Beaocoup votre article ..

Sandy said...

J'aime beaucoup votre article!!!