Thursday, April 28, 2005

Evening Samosas

It is one hell of a sexy evening in Delhi and since my DoCC report is nowhere remotely close to a point of completion I am at Cyril’s home listening to FM (the radio for Christ’s sake and not my favorite subject : D ) and thinking about what should go in the report.

I had experienced it before and it still holds true. If it rains on an evening in Delhi and you happen to be in the city you should thank your lucky stars cos it’s the best life can offer you on earth. It’s got a very earthy feel but it makes you believe heaven must be similar. And since typing a sad report wasn’t exactly my way of spending an evening like this I ventured out for a walk.

The drizzle, the breeze and the wet road! Truly truly romantic. Kinda wished someone were close and then shut it out. Couldn’t boil down that someone to one person ;)).

So what better way to spend an evening like today’s than devouring a couple of Samosas? My destination became the nearest sweet store and while I was feasting on them with a 7-Up in hand, a teenaged guy walked into the store and bought ten eggs. And suddenly I was taken back to my days in Ghaziabad when I used to buy Samosas by the dozens on such evenings and the entire family would sit at the dining table and wipe the plates so clean that they required no Scotch Brite.Hero, my dog would add to the fun by running around the table and end up not having dinner for a couple of days after such a feast.

Damn man... I was missing home! I have been in and out of home since the last 5 years and the last two years have been particularly bad in this regard. My calculation tells me in the last two years since May 2003 I would not have spent more than 30 days at home. Worse than an Army Officer maybe. The Samosas unexpectedly lost their punch and the 7-Up was no longer keeping me cool.

And then another guy walked in. This time a working executive on his way back from office- it appeared from his formal dressing. And he ordered – “Bhaiyya ek Samosa pack kar dena”.

“Life’s not bad”, I said to myself .And I smiled. The spicy punch in the Samosas was back.


Kiran said...

hey Issac..
hope things r going on great at delhi... missing u here too in bangalore.. remember " waters edge" .. i still go to that place and think about u.. take care and all the best

Management Student said...

Hi... I have been reading your blog for quite sometime...Do check out my blog..have just started...and i hope you can relate to whatever i am gonna scribble in it in the coming days.

Govar said...

Hey man! me Govar... PG. So howz life treating you... mine's going good.

and btw, true, samosa's rock! :)

IssacMJ said...

@Kiran: Would be some time for me to get back to Bangalore sis!Waters edge was awesome and the food finger lickin' : ))
@Management Student: Hi man.. Intro?
@ Govar:Life's good. Second year promises to be less hectic but lets see. Do ping me if work brings you to Mumbai.Caught up with Sachin and Priyabrat from PF Bangalore who were here for their summers recently.