Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Phat Phish Records

Its gotta have some intrinsic value ,a deeper connotation , a salvage value of some kind for them to have come out with a music production company named Phat Phish.

Anyway the company has hit it big with Rabbi Shergills' debut album. The company which is promoted by a former Channel V programme director Anand Surarpur and is a classic case of a company making news without any effort of trying to push itself. 2 days ago I would have dismissed Phat Phish as a non-descript endeavor by a miscreant to imitate the sounds of the nocturnal or the underwater.Today I am trying to find what's the company doing with a name like that only to realize that the company does not have a website.

But what really got me to write today is the stunning english version of lyrics on that album of the song ' Tere Bin' sung by the man of the moment Rabbi Shergill.

Producing an excerpt from the song:

Besides you my love,
I shant't find another.
Beside you, no one else
shall shade me in the sun.

I found today a note of yours
On which you had scribbled
A Varis Shah couplet.

Upon reading which a teardrop fell.
What was locked in my eyes
was revealed today.

That other than you
these tears of mine,
wont be kissed by none else.

That other than you,
these tears of mine
will wither in the dust.

- Rabbi (2005)

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check out phat-phish.com