Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Irony

All throughout school, I listened to my teachers.

All through college, I listened to my professors and wardens and principals.

At work at Cadburys, Dell, Progeon and now HT, I listen to my boss.

At times I’ve also listened to my friends as an obligation.

When I was seeing someone, I used to listen to her.

All my life, I’ve listened to my Dad.

At church, I listen to the priest.

If God spoke to me, I would listen.

If Satan did, I would be just curious to know what he has to say, so I’d end up listening.

Why cant I just be silent and let somebody else listen now?

What a stupid thing this life is?

All your life (at least till you’re 23 ) , you grow up listening and by the time it’s your turn to talk, it’s not even worth it...


Crazyfoetus said...

True.. but u also should know that even if u don't intend to speak still some people listen to u .. take cues frm you .. they want to listen to u but u don't know them ... for instance your silence today said a lot and i was eager to know ...

Belive me I made friends this way ...

IssacMJ said...

@Ashok: Well thanks mate.Could'nt speak... Even to myself... :-)

Anonymous said...

now who is the cause of this frustration??
btw, sometimes walls can be understanding ! try throwing anything at them and they will listen patiently forever...and at the end atleast you go back feeling "better than before" :)


spiderman! said...

couldn't agree more buddy..couldn't
agree more !