Monday, October 02, 2006

And I am...

It’s been a long time given my working hours in the last two weeks. Since, in the meantime, I couldn’t find enough time to write a story or think of something worthwhile to write, this post is a random collection of useless trivia. The format of this post is inspired by the column titled “Gleanings” that appears in the Cricinfo magazine.

I’ve trouble managing my friends because I’ve trouble mailing and calling them and I can never manage to meet all of them

I find the celebration of birthdays and wishing friends on their birthdays meaningless. There are 364 other days and numerous other ways to make my friends feel special.

My best friends are those with whom I’ve spent time roaming on bicycles on the streets of a town called Ghaziabad.

I’ve been in love once. It was beautiful.

The first time I proposed a girl was in Std. II. I think her name was Bournvita. Or something like that.

For me, an intelligent and humorous conversation with a lady is as good as making out.

I always do better than my peers when there’s a lot of uncertainty and chaos around. If I‘m given set pieces and structured guidelines I’m just average.

I can’t understand why journalists and salespersons are not paid well. They definitely work harder than me.

I think I’m becoming more conniving with every day I spend at work given that I act like a war General always negotiating budgets and deadlines.

I’ve a special affection for Jack Daniels.

I prefer being at home reading comics to things like river-rafting, rappelling and trekking.

I hate attending social functions and weddings

I love dogs far more than babies and kids.

On an average, I’ve about 10 ice-creams very week.

In my books , if you can’t be punctual, your existence is irrelevant.

I believe there’s more goodness around than the world credits itself with.

It’s easy to find morons everywhere. I mean everywhere

I’ve been told by people that I’m mean and think too highly of myself. I disagree with the latter because if there’s one thing I know for sure are my limitless limitations and mediocre strengths.

I’m very possessive about my shirts, books, comics, cassettes and CD’s.

There are only two things I badly want to do in life.
a. Provide live on-air cricket commentary with Sunil Gavaskar.
b. Make a movie.
I came real close to the first. The second, I haven’t started working on.

I want to do the Tango once with a lovely woman on a cruise a la Al Pacino in a restaurant in Scent of a Woman.

I used to be a great liar in school. They never caught me except my Dad.

I always root for the underdog. Most of the times in my life, I’ve been one.

Someone asked me once what I’m best at, I didn’t have an answer. But if it counts, I think I talk alright.

There’s nothing in my life that I wouldn’t do all over again.
I think I’ve been real lucky in my life to say this.


Jason said...

Nice one, Issac. Brutal honesty is refreshing.

Do u keep in touch with Bournvita??

An intelligent and humorous conversation with a lady is a major turn on... I dont understand why is it so difficult to have an intellectually stimulating conversation with a girl?

spiderman! said...

Can't say whether its beautiful or not too sure...yeah...the second one...would want to do that some day...

Anonymous said...

You know the beauty of it is , I dont think there are too many things in that blog which are not true - its not like you made it up to sound funny .

But then again , I wouldn't know - only ur dad caught you lying, rite ? :)

( non ) Iron -Striker

Anonymous said...

and yes .. u missed out on the (shameless) affinity towards chocolates !

( non ) Iron Striker again

IssacMJ said...

@non-IS: You know, these days there is a serious match-up between chocolates and ice-creams! :-D

SRK said...

"If it counts, I think I talk alright"...

If there was a Nobel Prize for modesty, i think ur above statement would win it hands down...

the one thing that we sorely missed in all functions in SPJ this year was one Mr. Issac and his emceeing...

nice post Issac...

Anonymous said...

And so you think there is only two category of people on the earth; One is Issac and the other is Non-Issac, isn't it??