Friday, December 15, 2006

The Escape...

A number of times in my life, I’ve likened myself to a lot of fictional characters. And have behaved what that character would’ve done in that particular situation. Part of this had been accentuated by a wave of Calvin books that swept by me in no time. Calvin thinks of himself as different characters in difficult situations and tries to struggle with his nemesis of the moment accordingly, only to realize towards the end that he actually is not what he thinks of himself to be. Reality strikes and things come back to haunt him.

Lately, I’ve wanted a lot to be like Forrest Gump. If, if I could just run away from some of the things in life.

The other day, I found a couple of lines a friend had scribbled in my yearbook (and I quote) “…you the complex kid, who’s got all the candy the world has to offer and yet...yet the yearning for that elusive chocolate that you missed.” Of all the things that my friends have said about me, this to my mind is quite a close description. And lately while I’m yet to find my elusive chocolate I think the life of this supposedly complex kid has got that bit more complex.

“Can I just run away with you to an island with loads of chocolates, water, a pile of Frasier and movie DVDs, music CD’s , my home theater system, comics and some cricket magazines and books?”

The question to be asked is: If the thought of escapism is quite soothing in itself, what unbridled joy might a real escape actually bring?


spiderman! said...

ironically, it would not bring you much joy...after the initial euphoria it would again be too mundane...i guess some things better remain least we can always harbour the thought of "if only..."

Anonymous said...

Escapism is not such a romantic idea.First thing that you would have to grapple with is with whom you want to escape!!!You don't want to be alone on some island in any case.If you observe yourself closely you will find that you have some imaginary ideal someone with whom you want to escape--if you indeed want so.The reality is this ideal someone doesn't exist.You can only see glimpses of some ideal traits in someone and some in others.Living with a variety of people and variety of experiences, enjoying the differences is the only way to live..I think so.To enjoy chocolates and cricket you need not escape from other things.

IssacMJ said...

@Spidey: I did think of it that way as well. The point is how do I get to a stage where I actually, in reality, find it to be mundane? :-)

@Anon: Let's say of all the imperfect people I'm surrounded with, I do pick one person...
One need never escape but what if one wants to?

spiderman! said...

Aha..! Use Mahesh Murthy's principle...just leave and run...and if and when you do...please call me... i promise not to bother but when we get too bored of ourselves we can have a nice small unobtrusive chat about that classic Brian Lara pull-shot and go back to our own happy and refreshed...:)

IssacMJ said...

@Spidey: And we can always talk about movies as well! :-)

spiderman! said...

Of course !

Anonymous said...

You know Issac,if you find some imperfect person with whom you want to escape, that does mean you are in a position to escape.
But does Escaping serve any purpose.I know you love life and its charms.With one person in one island you will get too bored too early.Rather take a break, enjoy a few intimate good days with this imperfect person in a beautiful serene place,switch off th cell phone and live by basic instincts rather than artificialities of organised social life.And that indeed is a romantic escapism.

IssacMJ said...

@Anon: Sounds great! :-)
I hate organzed social life!

Anonymous said...

Even I do.Don't have a choice.But then you can always take breaks.njoi.

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