Tuesday, March 20, 2007

World Cup Post-its : III

So India got screwed.

Nobody was celebrating the World Record win against Bermuda. Aptly so. Having got themselves in such a bad corner, it'll take a million things to fall in place for India to still qualify for the Super 8's. That group is bloody messed up. Somebody has to beat somebody, somebody must beat somebody by a good margin, somebody must win by not so great a margin, somebody must sneeze in time or somebody must pick his nose before the toss. God knows how many million things must fall in place before India qualifies...

On a serious note, I don't care about India losing out but I belong to the community , the news of which you must've read on the front pages of any prominent newspaper in India.

" Broadcasters to lose 150 Crore if India lose out."
" Advertisers pulling out in the face of India's loss"

And if there's money on the table to be made if India does well, I'd rather see them in the Super 8's than see them lose out and eventually screw our industry revenues.

Once in college , when I was a student, I'd stopped short of thinking in a discussion about money and Indian Cricket. Those days my views were rather simple.
"India should do well in any competition. It makes us feel great and proud about ourselves."

Today, sitting on the other side of the fence I'm thinking:
" India should do fantastic at cricket. It makes us feel rich about ourselves."

Well...Umm...Errr...That we can manage at other sports...


spiderman! said...

I am prepared to put my foot in my mouth - "If India qualifies through to the Super 8, they will be champions".

IssacMJ said...

@Spidey: Good good! That can only mean more and more money! And some pride as well! ;-)