Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Funky Chicken Jig!

Way better than the Brett Lee leap or the Shoaib Akhtar bird flap motion or Sreesanth's mid pitch dance!

Hail Langford-Smith! :-D

P.S. : Some pesky browser issues have prevented me from blogging from work. Am on my way to getting a broadband connection at home.

Next post around the corner about the scourge of women, in less than a week's time.


Anonymous said...

looking fwd to the next 1:)

shobhit said...

Please do mention something about the lack of cricket enthusiasm as one of the more painful aspects of women !!!

And vaise I think best celebration was Curtly Ambrose rolling his wrists furiosly but the Chicken dance comes close

No more Lara after today :(

IssacMJ said...

@ Shobhit: I think we are increasingly thinking alike. In a previous post, titled Aces Jacks and Queens
,I've referenced the same... :-D

Anonymous said...