Monday, September 03, 2007

I shall overcome or The Conspiracy!

It always seems to me that the modern marvels of cell phones, computers, credit cards, online bookings, DTH or music system are always conspiring against me. It’s almost like each of them have been selected as snipers to be used in the second edition of Reservoir Dogs to harass me to the extent of beating the shit out of my mental faculties.

Wiser people before me have suggested that examples prove theories better so here are a few:

1. I’m currently expecting to get an amount of Rs. 1832 to be refunded to my Credit Card account. The transaction took place in February.
2. I recently reversed a purchase of Rs. 13649 on my Debit Card because of some shoddy customer service at an Essar-Virgin Mobile Store. It’s supposed to take effect in the next 48 hours.
3. My mobile charger conked off 2 weeks back and I’d to spoil 3 hours running from store to store on a Sunday morning hunting for the innocuous looking instrument
4. At any point of time, my broadband modem might just hang. It has some stupid problem that 2 different service executives have failed to rectify.
5. I’m yet to fill the form the cable operator wants me to fill to get Star Cricket permanently on my TV.

Screw the 21st century comfort of ATMs and Credit Cards and Internet. I, for sure, led a more hassle free life in the last century!

The funny thing is once you actually get all or any of this sorted , there is this definite sense of accomplishment but the whole process might just leave you too exhausted for you to even realize that it’s over…


spiderman! said...

Happens with me all the time ! Whenever I buy an electronic gadget it would have to be taken to the service center within a week, at the max - 2 weeks ! I just bought a mobile phone 3 days back. So waiting now !

IssacMJ said...

Actually,this dreaded feeling, works well at times.Its a good way to circumvent the even more dreadful feeling of something conking off without expecting it to! :-)

SRK said...

looks like it is time for an 'Issac's Law' a la Murphy...

"Any electronic gadget will fail just when you need it most."

Like ur broadband will conk off when u r chattin wid long lost friends
Like the TV will conk off when u r watching Sachin blast the hell out of England bowlers... :D

atb for more gadget misadventures...