Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I will.Lara,Inzy,Zulu,Cairns! I love them all. Okie, I dont like anyone in particular from Jets or Superstars but that's only 2 teams out of 6 which means I've teams not only to cheer for but also teams that I wish would get buried in this competition. So effectively, its like any major cricket tourney where I've my favorites to win, underdogs to cheer for and not-so-faves that I wish would would get humiliated.

I'll tell you another reason why you should watch ICL. 20:20 is fast becoming the most dynamic format of cricket and it's a pity that the Laras and Zulus of the world couldn't play this form of the game. As a result I'm not gonna let the BCCI-ICL tussle coming in the way of seeing some of the best in the game ever, pick up the bat and ball for an honest contest. Infact I'll also get over the fact that we might've some crappy commentators but hey we might've Dean Jones, the original Piper or should I say Pfeiffer!

A lot of us fans were left wondering how a Keith Miller or Vinoo Mankad might've approached ODIs. Thanks to Zee, we won't be left wondering how a Lance Klusener or Chris Cairns might've approached 20:20!

Long and short of it being, if they turned up even for the Ugandan Cricket League, I would still watch them...:-)