Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Catches of IPL- Part I

a.) Gibbs doing a superman to pouch Badrinath off Afridi at backward point at Chennai.

b.) Steyn,a full-length dive at a critical moment of the match to dismiss Afridi at Bangalore.

c.) Sean Marsh, at backward point again, catching Kalyankrishna off Pathan at Hyderabad. Did remarkably well to get stuck into it.

d.) Yuvraj Singh, a one-handed superlative effort to dismiss Manoj Tiwary at Mohali.

e.) Both Warne and Kohli went for Dinda's catch. Warne missed by an inch and Trivedi caught it at his fingertips. If this is not teamwork what is...

So that was for the first leg.

Wonder if I've missed any other favourites...