Monday, April 06, 2009

On Woody Allen!

It's no big deal for everyone else I know. But for me it is! Am personally kicked about achieving this milestone of having seen 20 Woody Allen movies. For the record am on 18 movies now and seem to have a plan in place to complete 20 by Easter Sunday.

Among all movie buff friends I have, I seem to have a decent headstart over all of them. (What's a little harmless brag!)

Special mention to Mahesh for introducing me to Habitat and Spidey for couriering me 3 movies across shores and sands from Bangalore to Delhi.

Needless to say, I would consider my life complete, if by the remotest hand of fate, I get to meet WA in New York... That will be the day!

Time's running out though, our man's already 74.


spiderman! said...

Yeah, better not miss him. Have you watched any of George Carlin's stand up acts ? Please watch it man...he is just outstanding...

IssacMJ said...

I have! I have! If am not mistaken, George Carlin ranked just higher than Woody Allen in Comedy Central's 100best stand-ups of all time. :-)