Monday, September 28, 2009

Class of '98 at Goa !

We still recollect our school days from 1996 and can laugh on any of the Fire Extinguisher, Artifical Snowfall and Cell Diagram episodes. And I also learnt yesterday that Vijay had made something called Lancelot (Merchant of Venice?) Cell. What I can't seem to explain is why we laughed our guts so bad on this new bit of information that our tummies hurt !

One of us got married yet we can't help trying to better each other in cracking bad PJ's. Our hit ratio is worse than Courtney Walsh's batting average but it just doesn't seem to matter - we keep trying.

We can still just laze around all day and feel we've done ourselves a world of good. What's changed though is now we invariably want a beer in hand and now these days are very few and far in between. But we've made a start.

Rajputana Pride, Cricket, 'Nothing is Impossible' are recurrent phrases in our conversations. We've heard them all and still want more.

Tomar Sir, DD and Kho-Kho got their mandatory mentions.

We haven't seen each other's families in years yet everytime we meet, we feel our families have come closer.

We learnt a new way to say Boolean in sign language !

I introduced her to them. Touchwood.

Gaurav, Jaydeep and Vijay - Words fail me but I thank the Lord for still keeping us friends.

We want to meet atleast once every year from now on. It makes us feel like we're in St. Mary's and that means it makes us feel that God's in his heaven and everything's right with the world. Amen !


Anonymous said...

Write something new. Not active at all.

IssacMJ said...

Trying... trying... :-)