Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#61: My Name is Khan

I will review this but like Vijay Verma in Deewar, I want some answers. And uske baad tum jis kaagaz pe bologe, main us par apna review likh doonga.

If his name is Rizwan Khan and in a normal world when we all address each other by our first names, why does he insist on calling himself Kkhhaaan or Ghhaaan or Kaaahn or whatever it is. How about simply Rizwan?

Why does looking down through the movie a symbol of excellent acting? Is there any other mannerism that you remember that he tried to inculcate? Now think of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman or Sridevi in Sadma.

Seriously, if you want to watch the after effects of 9/11 on the lives of normal people why not pick up a Khuda Ke Liye? Or Shoot at Sight or even New York ?

How much does the flood sequence contribute to the story ? Why is it there ?

This one's for all Bollywood movies shot abroad - how come the psychologist, the reporters who want to save him and their boss all turn out to be people who can speak perfect Hindi?

Why is Jimmy Shergill there in the movie? One good reason will suffice.

If any other director had made the same movie with any other actor, would Times of India still have given it 4 stars in it's review? Or was it 5.

What specific scene between Kajol and Shahrukh made any viewer feel there was any of the so-called electric chemistry between the two?

Couldn't they come up with any better than 'Mama Jenny'?

So Rizwan Khan ends up meeting Barack Obama in the end. Who does he think he is- Forrest Gump?


spiderman! said...

One more:
When you were watching a K-Jo, SRK production what were you expecting - cinematic brilliance ?!!!

C'mon Icy...this film is made for Filmfare for them to have a movie to give an award to SRK.

IssacMJ said...

Ha.. ha! But one's got to keep knowing how the rock bottom is being pushed in Bollywood. I have even risked Radio and RGV Ki Aag.