Tuesday, March 08, 2011

#77: Tees Maar Khan

A con movie is one of the most difficult genres to put together. Tees Maar Khan shows how easy it is to botch one up. And wait, this isn't even an original.

There's no doubt that this is the kind of movie that insults the intelligence of the average movie-goer. What's more aggravating is the thought that once you've entered the hall, how do you get back at the filmmakers?

I am happy for Akshay Kumar. A mediocre actor like him must keep knowing how much farther can he sink.

Shirish Kunder is that puny stain on a white sheet of paper that is so insignificant that it doesn't merit any attention but is so irritating to bear that you end up shredding the paper.

A few movies are bearable in fast forward. This is not one of those.

Sajid Khan used to do a show on DD Metro called 'Kehne mein Kya Harz hai?'. One of the segments used to show a scene in which an actor would be hamming away to glory. If Sajid Khan decided on a comeback for the show, this movie will give him enough material to air the show thrice a day, 52 weeks a year.

And here's the red cherry on this cake. Sheila ki Jawani is not a shade of Beedi jalai le or Munni Badnaan Hui. Any thoroughbred movie-goer will see the difference. Sheila... is a pompously marketed song that stuck in our heads because of a gyrating woman. Katrina Kaif was hotter in many songs before and after this. And apart from her, there was nothing in the song unlike the other two masterpieces.

Rating: 1/10 (Out of which .5 is for keeping the movie only at 2 hours 5 minutes on the DVD.)

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