Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#101: Dabangg

This had to be done. Why do I say so?
Dabanng is the Sholay of our times.

Really ?
Well, not entirely in content but surely in form and complexion.

It's about ?
Chulbul Pandey, a U.P. cop who in the words of his own colleague (or some such) is the kind of Robinhood who steals from the rich but doesn't give it away to the poor.

And ?
Salman Khan plays that cop with a moustache. Rest is irrelevant.

What's special ?
Did you ask the same question to Shane Watson when he smashed 185 in a chase of 220 odd?

Hopeless story or what ?
Cliched and contrived but no. Not hopeless.

So still it worked? Nudity?
Nope. Sonakshi looked like an angel and acted like one too. Earthy elegance!

Some item number also right ?
Yup. Some overrated rage of the month called Munni but Salman shakes hips better and dances to entertain.

What else?
Sonu Sood as bad man Chhedi Singh. Great characterisation- bad man raised to the power 10 types.

Such a big hit ! How?
Revenge climax set in U.P. was last seen in Bollywood in probably 1928. Okie, Omkara too- but that was dark, gritty...
Neat but helpless characters to gain sympathy especially of those who are watching in Lakhimpur.
Dialogues that Salim-Javed would've been proud of.
Good soundtrack- eminently sing-able songs- Tere mast mast do nain... waah waah !
That rogue actor- Salman ! One can't remember last time acting and Salman were in one sentence together.

What's bad ?
Plays out like a fable, it's more like a mythical tale, you know this can't be happening.

110% paisa vasool !

Rating: 7.3/10

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