Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Quick Recap

"Ready to go another night?" , I asked Aranyak , the master craftsman of SPJIMR
" I am ready to go till tumro night" pat came the reply.

This, after a 3 hour stint with an elusive Goddess called Sleep . And in it together were 5 of us at the Boys Hostel.Add to it another 143 of my batchmates in different hostels staying awake in the vicinity of the Bhavan's campus and you know have an assignment that was screwing you left ,right and center.

And it's such a relief now that it got over. I had mentioned in my previous post that the Media Project was gonna take a lot of time. So much so that I knew that it wud be impossible for me to post and now that its over, here I am.

The last four days have been boisterously loud and belligerent. And I am so so happy to be a part of this batch that eggs each other on , that trusts each other and that laughs,weeps and celebrates together.

Moreover not many people get that chance to celebrate with 146 others.. (yes.. Nishant was sleeping) . Try it some day if you can. Its unconventional but its good for your health. : ))

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