Wednesday, June 29, 2005

To a Halt

Life has been blinding fast in Second Year.

Come to think of it life has been blinding fast ever since I was born.
Shillong,Gauhati,Jaipur,Hapur,Ghaziabad,Najibabad,Ghaziabad,Punalur,Trivandrum,Bangalore and now Mumbai have been cities of habitat for atleast one year. As a result we were always shuttling places,homes and schools. Though I used to hate the relocation then , when I come to think of it now I think it was damn exciting and if I were to go it all over again, I would.

And somehow Second Year was a rewind in time if you replace those places with Dome3,Dome 1, NCR1, GW Room,Faculty Block B,Chandan and Bistro. Its been a lil more exciting and refreshing than first year.But its still been a grind.

And finally when I wake up tomorrow ,I wont have to think of any of these cos I am going home. Sis' marriage is gonna be a good break . A break from ambitions, perceptions and illusions of my own ...and others'.

Break in more ways than one. Growing up with someone and then letting go is not easy. And for someone like me who would'nt even let go of his CD's ,Books and Cassettes to anyone its gonna be a lesson in abstinence.

And its gonna be fun to get back home cos the last time I went ,it was for less than 60 hours!

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