Monday, July 04, 2005

Damn... I knew it would be difficult

Sis’ marriage.

Dad, you are an absolute gem.

A New Chapter begins for us.

God Willing, I should be back in institute tomorrow by this time.

P.S. : Kerala-the state- You are beautiful but you s**k.
You love it when things don’t move. You thrive on holidays and you are at your best when you have nothing to do.
In my five years of education here , I have seen more hartals, strikes and lockouts than in my other 13 years of educational and professional life elsewhere in India (read U.P.,Rajasthan,Assam,Karnataka and Maharshtra) . I don’t quite get it when for every issue that you want to bring to public notice you have to resort to stoppage of work.

I wonder how they do it in other states in India. On second thoughts I think I know how they do it in other states without disrupting normal public life.


Jcherry said...

I completely concur with you on the pathetic state of affairs in Kerala. We Keralites like to take all the problems directly upto the top of the Government rather than solving it in the local level. The state administration should not be responsible for each trivial things that happen in every nook and corner of the state.Water shortage in a remote village, police atrocities, and stuff like that shouldn't be dragged on to the streets.
What we need is a de-centralized government. Things like law and order, basic necessities should be passed on to local level with more empowerment for local governments. State government should only provide guidance or supervision.

The menace of hartal and destruction of public property can be dealt only with a strong government. We need an independent police system which bases its policy on common sense and courage and not political leanings and stupidity. Kerala will see a new future only if small splinter parties becomes a history. Currently important portfolios like education and industry are held by parties which represents only less than 5% of the population. I strongly believe that a leader with mettle comparable to Sir C.P. Ramaswamy is the need of the hour.

You are wondering how people should voice their protest. Here in US people dispaly their anger by burning the "Star Spangeld Banner"- yes the American Flag. Its not a crime.But not somebody's flag but the one they buy with their own money. Who care if you torch your own house. So atleast they will not destroy the public property.
However, you can imagine what wil happen if you do that in India.

P.S- U.S Congress is seiously thinking about banning flag burning. I think they might need some advice from India.

IssacMJ said...

Hey Judy,
Thanks for dropping by. You've hit the nail rit on the head when you spoke of decentralization in governance.
Besides an interesting perspective that your brought about the flag. It was after a long time that all of us got the right to display the flag on our volition.And national flag always touches the chords of the peeople .I think Indians will never move to a point of allowing freedom of expression to culminate in a burning of the flag.
And the insulation of public property (and punitive measures where applicable) in a phase of protests is something that I think we should seriously start looking at.

hirok said...

I know how they do it in West Bengal...not really very different from Kerala...but over here there is an unspoken rule of 2 bandhs a by the opposition and one by the ruling party :) obviously u dont need an issue to call a bandh !