Monday, December 27, 2010

#15: Road Trip: Beer Pong

In 2002, in second year of college when I saw Road Trip on Star Movies in India , I didn't think there were cooler movies that existed. Road Trip was funnier than American Pie for me- it was a road adventure woven into a college love story around friends that made it cool and pretty watchable with an unforgettable portrayal by Kyle Edwards who played the scrawny DJ Qualis -a loser friend to the cooler character of John played by Breckin Mayer.

So when I saw Road Trip: Beer Pong at Clixflix, there was nothing that could've prevented me to pick it up based on a sheer token of nostalgic respect for the original. What was even better was the mention in the opening credits of: Based on the movie Road Trip and the familiar Kyle Edwards introducing the University of Ithaca to an unsuspecting group. Road Trip: Beer Pong is a self-confessed tribute to the original cult comedy classic ( christened CCC from hereon) by writer Brad Riddel. It's directed by Steve Rash.

At it's heart, the movie is a comedy that tries to weave in the fun game of Beer Pong as a sport that gets certain students from the University of Ithaca excited enough to go on a road trip to Atlanta to compete in the National Championships. What doesn't work for the movie is that the adventures shown during the trip aren't really exciting enough, unlike the original. What works for the movie though is the character of Arash played by Danny Pudi. Both Brad Riddel and Steve Rash mention in the DVD extras than Danny will go a long way in Hollywood and if you haven't heard of him till now, well you know now where you heard of him first. Pudi is excellent in his turn as a despot's son- his mannerisms, accent and the overall character will have you in splits that assuredly is the best thing about the movie. Apart from Danny Pudi and a watchable Beer Pong contest, there's little to write about as far as the movie is concerned though the lead actress. Juliana Gill is comfortably cute in her avatar as Katy- leading man John Preston's love interest. Everyone else is trite in their roles in a script that as predictable as the days in a week. Consequently, it would be hard to come up with a mention of any memorable moment in the movie.

The best thing I can say about this one though is that Road Trip: Beer Pong is a movie, you should watch only if you love Beer Pong. Catch any other Todd Philips movie if you want the thrills of a real road trip on screen.

Rating: 5.5.10


Anonymous said...

I watched that movie and it was so funny.

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