Saturday, December 11, 2010

A decent after-life plan for a dead blog

It had been so long I thought I must've forgotten the password to the Blogger account until the familiar Gmail window popped up. Am going to try something new from here on to save this blog. Actually I can't say I can save this now- this blog has been dead for quite sometime. So let's say, this is my shot to give this blog it's own shot at having a decent afterlife.

It's been over a year since I moved on from HT to a sports marketing startup in Bombay from Fever. But few things have changed really except the fact that I travel a lot these days, not to any fancy foreign destinations but the familiar usual suspects of Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and the like. This has meant the modest beer belly I had managed to keep in abeyance over the last couple of years is increasing with an onslaught of food from hotels and pubs. Now this has also meant that time's at a premium because of which this blog got sedated since March and has been on life-support since then.

Consider my life in numbers over the last 14 months.

a.) I've met 247 new people with regard to work. In the same time, I've met 4 new people for leisure.

b.) Since August I've taken 36 flights for work. That's an average of 7 flights every 20 working days. It has led me to believe that I could be the Indian-ized version of Ryan Bingham am except that I seldom bump into anyone like Alex Goran. (But I do have access to KF Lounge at all airports now and about 15,000 miles to redeeem!)

c.)I began the year with a 150 GB drive laptop from office. I have 19 GB free space left. I just deleted 15 GB just so that I feel better about this.

d.) My gmail operates at 97% capacity. I have to constantly delete all CDR's and Pdf's to keep it going.

e.) My post-work activities have taken a hit. The sports viewing has come down drastically, so has my writing. This is my first post in 10 months.

Yeah, I know. With my exagerrated sense of writing, I could give you the sense that I'm busier than Ratan Tata which is not so true. I've still found time for the one thing that at this stage of my life I depend a lot on in times of joy, anger and anguish- the movies! According to records at my rental store Clix Flix, I've rented 108 movies since August - that's an average of 21.6 movies per month. And this doesnt include gems like Radio, I Hate Luv Storys and Break Ke Baad and numerous others that I've caught in the theaters.

So there, maybe it's not all bad. And it is an inspiration from one of the recent movies I saw that tells me there's a way to give this blog the decent after-life for which I began this post. Let me see if I can come back tonight and find time to post about the movie and the plan. If I do, maybe we're in for one post every day of the year from now on. And maybe if you're movie-goer yourself, you already know the movie in question !

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