Sunday, October 16, 2011

#219: Le Vendeur (The Salesman)

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Year: 2011

Director: Sebastian Pilote

Gist: Fifteen days in the life of an old but skilled car salesman in a community whose major source of employment, a paper mill is on the verge of closure.

Script: Written by Sebastian Pilote, the movie is a sensitive story with themes of old-age and corporate business motives merging in a small town. Nominated in the International Competition section this year, Le Vendeur is an empathetic tale of survival.

Acting: Two thumbs up to the lead actor Gilbert Sicotte who plays the protagonist Marcel Levesque. Marcel is a charming, witty and an expert salesman who knows his ways around selling his cars. His wealth of experience has seen him through many a season but this particular year he is tested to the hilt. Sicotte captures the essence of the character and deserves nothing less than full marks for his acting. The other bit part players seem very believable as the director gives them a small-townish touch.

Filmmaking craft: Top-notch. The story's fairly linear and simple and the editing and cinematography don't try any tricks to make you believe there's more to it. The story moves at a pace that keeps you interested. Maybe, a particularly extended scene in a bar of people singing the only excess but a moving touch towards the end might still make you forget there was such a thing.

Piece de resistance moments: These have to be the scenes when Marcel is going about impressing customers with his knowledge of cars. A particular scene has the customer asking for a blue car and Marcel's response is something that will resonate with you in an instant.

In a nutshell: Catch it !

Rating: 7.1/10

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