Sunday, October 23, 2011

#223: Skyskraber

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Year: 2010

Director: Rune Schiott

Gist: A teenager with an oppressive father attempts to help a blind her get rid of her virginity.

Script: In an interaction session after the movie, Schiott mentioned that the story was mostly autobiographical. And as outlandish some of the things might seem, those reel-life incidents shown were actually true. For example, the script had a premise that ranged from a teenager getting his foreskin operated upon by his mother who is a vet so that it wouldn't pain him while having sex (a supposed medical condition). These and many more such bewildering incidents keep jolting you from time to time. Once you've sat in the hall, there's no escaping the seemingly funny but seriously painful situations the protagonists find themselves in. There's a love story brewing in there too amidst all this. So overall, a weird but breezy storyline.

Acting: A very convincing portrayal of a blind girl by Marta Holm who plays Edith, a gullible sweet girl who can't wait to get rid of her virginity and an equally adept performance by the lead actor Lukas Schwartz who plays the teenager Jon. The other members of Jon's and Edith's family pull in their weight and give the movie a heightened sense of believability.

Filmmaking craft: Can't fault much. Smooth narrative, some pretty shots from time to time and a lovely background score.

Piece de resistance moments: Quite a few shocking moments that will make you cringe in your seat, the piece of cake being Jon's foreskin being operated upon by his mother and the subsequent recuperative process.

In a nutshell: If you don't get grossed out easily, you will enjoy this.

Rating: 6.7/10

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