Tuesday, June 07, 2011

#134: Just Go With It

Dennis Dugan is a long-time Sandler collaborator and together they've worked on six projects thus far. But not one of them has been as predictably flat and disappointing as their latest offering Just Go With It. It will be even more upsetting, if you're a Sandler fan, because the team that so far had given some good movies such as Big Daddy or Grown-Ups, falls so below their standard, it will shake your very faith in the duo's output for the future.

The poster indicates that this is a love triangle. Knowing it is a Sandler movie, you know it's all going to turn out fine in the end, so the only reason to watch this movie would be to see the journey that the protagonist undertakes towards the climax. And when the lead actress is someone as high-profile as Jennifer Aniston, a viewer is not taking too much liberty with his/her assumption that this will be a good ride. But with Just Go With It, you got to forget the ride because the story's so lame, it doesn't even as much take-off. We are referring to a love-triangle here and in the normal course of things we might've had a strong and sharp temptress. Here the other woman in Sandler's life is Brooklyn Decker- better known as Andy Roddick's girlfriend to the rest of the world. And that might be her only achievement in life, if the only substance she brings to the table of acting is a neat cleavage with a stony face.

To add to that, the quality of comedy that has been showcased is nothing but puerile. The lines are not funny and the gags are a shocker- among which are included a vet trying to bring a half-dead sheep to life and a gay man picking a coconut from the floor by jamming it under his a***. The next time I see the names Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling in the screenwriting credits in a movie's trailer, rest assured yours truly won't even venture to the city where their movie might release. What's even more shocking is that an actress of Nicole Kidman's calibre, plays a part that must rank as of the most insignificantly shameful turns by an A-list actress in a movie.

The Adam Sandler I knew from school had a style of his own. He wore loose clothes, never tried too hard for a line to come off, kept the humor quick and simple and only occasionally flirted with vulgarity. With Just Go With It, he tries to make a statement, that in a world where comic standards are falling by the day, he is not far behind in the race. The result is an abject movie that is so bad, it will take some healing for Sandler fans like us to overcome this battering.

Rating: 3/10

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