Monday, June 20, 2011

#143: Decalogue IV

(To read the first in this series, please click here.)

Chapter: Honor thy mother and father.

Gist: A young college student, whose mother passed away years ago, stumbles upon a letter that's meant to to be opened after her father's death. After much deliberation she decides to open it.

Script: The story brings about a strong aura of mystery once the letter is found in the first 15 minutes. For the remaining time, it struggles to live up to it's buildup.

Acting: This is a chapter that has lengthy interactions between two characters- the daughter (Adriana Biedrzynska) and her father (Janusz Kajos). While the acting is quite acceptable especially the father's, the situation could've been a springboard for excellence in performance but that peak never showed up.

Technical craft: Cannot think of any one aspect that stood out. Will have to perhaps say the direction of the scenes involving those lengthy dialogues. It needs extreme skill to keep the movie going with just a still camera and two characters mouthing intense dialogues and Kieslowski shows why he is a master in those scenes minimal to look at but wrought with emotion.

Piece de resistance moments: Indisputably, the ending. It's a moment that will jolt you towards the end.

In a nutshell: Decalogue IV begins well but soon loses steam. It's tends to drag on towards the latter half but does recover to make it in time for a soulful comeback for the ending.

Decalogue Rating: 2/10
P.S: Rating here implies a relative rank compared to the other 9 chapters and not an absolute rank in itself.

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