Sunday, June 26, 2011

#146: Decalogue V

(To read the first in this series, click here.)

Chapter: Thou shalt not kill

Gist: A ruthless murder takes place. The hows, whys and the closure of it.

Script: Plain but not without it's moments.

Acting: Suited for the occasion. Whether it's Piotr,(Krzysztof Globisz), the lawyer or Jacek Łazar (Miroslaw Baka), the murderer, their intent and execution were in sync with their characterization.

Technical craft: The movie is a canvas for Slawomir Idziak, the DOP who paints the screen grim and depressing, much suiting the overall feel of the story. The opening scenes especially stand out for the dark foreboding that the images convey. This is also one of the chapters where the movie is simultaneously running two story tracks until they converge at one point- an effective storytelling technique that heightens the drama.

Piece de resistance moments: The opening shots and the murder scene in that order. Both unforgettably directed.

In a nutshell: Decalogue V has a message that's conveyed so subtly that it's hard to miss. It poses a question about our civil society without getting into a deep debate- whether a people become better with enforcement of capital punishment. It doesn't provide any answers but goads you into thinking about it.

Decalogue Rating: 7/10

P.S: Rating here implies a relative rank compared to the other 9 chapters and not an absolute rank in itself.

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