Wednesday, July 06, 2011

#154: Love Aaj Kal

Ten reasons why I love this movie
1. A neat romantic story with wonderful nuances. Jai(Saif) and Meera(Deepika Padukone) celebrate a breakup by inviting friends to a party, the two parallel love tracks, the last scene with Rishi Kapoor - all elements that bring a smile to your face.
2. Some unforgettably timeless songs (Read Aaj Din Chadeya and Chor Bazaari)
3. Saif's plays a Sardar with a natural elan.
4. A segment of Jai getting used to his life in San Francisco.
5. Giselli Monteiro - cute beyond description.
6. The video of Chor Bazaari - the liberating spirit of it- the fact that two lovers who went seperate ways can still have a whale of a time when they get together.
7. The chemistry between Saif and Deepika- like they say in northern India - 'Cut to cut match hain ji'
8. A climax that is memorable in spite of being a cliche. The location- a fort where Deepika is working on a restoration project.
9. A scene in the second half when Saif confronts Deepika- even melancholy can have a touch of spunk.
10. Imtiaz Ali, or what I like to call him, the closest filmmaker we have to Woody Allen in India

And two reasons why I don't.
1. Jai speaking candidly about his relationships to a stranger restaurant owner Veer was hard to digest.
2. An educated girl like Deepika leaving her husband on wedding night was drama for the sake of it. It could've been handled differently.

All in all, one of the best romantic movies to have come out of our stable. It's a coming-of-age love story that should touch your heart both with it's innocence and maturity.

Rating: 7.4/10

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