Monday, July 18, 2011

#160: Bullitt

Is most revered for it's car chase, made in 1968

Has guts-and-glory Steve McQueen playing the steely cop Lieutenant Bullitt.

Is based on the book called Mute Witness.

Is a political thriller in it's essence.

Has at it's center of action an aspiring-senator who wants a witness protected.

Director Peter Yates maintains a grim aura with little mirth around.

Builds droves of latent energy waiting to explode.

Which leads to this being a movie with two climaxes of sorts - one with the chase and the other actual end.

Can give quite a few detective led-stories a run for it's money.

Didn't see the attractive Jacqueline Basset being utilised much.

Would inevitably draw comparisons with the French Connection chase sequence.

Personally thought, French Connection chase was more critical to the story and played out more dramatically.

Having said that, the Bullitt chase couldn't have been tighter and is as engrossing.

Is a must if you're nuts about cars or Steve McQueen.

Should still watch it, if neither.

Rating: 7.4/10

P.S: Used this format as a precursor, or a thought, of what movie reviews might be in future, with our ever-shortening attention spans.

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