Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#157: Wake up Sid

I don't know what the fuss about this one is all about. Especially about this being touted as the definitive coming-of-age movie et al. Wake Up Sid released in 2009 under the Dharma Productions banner and was directed by Ayan Mukherji, who makes his debut at 27 years in Bollywood. Now that is special. What else about this movie is, I am not so sure.

The movie opens with a wonderful scene of Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) waking up to study a subject for his college. The opening track along with the screenplay tells you all that there is about Sid in less than a few minutes. We then go on to meet his carefree friends and bump into Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma) who throughout the movie is only and only trying to piece one article together for a magazine that she works for. Sid's parents issue an ultimatum about his extravagant lifestyle and it is not before long that after a heated exchange with his father (Anupam Kher), he decides to move in with Aisha.

From there on, the movie drags on as we come to know of Sid's talents as a photographer and the writer tries to make us believe that Sid's struggle to find a job is the central piece of the movie. That part seems dreary and failed to find a connect with me because his struggle seemed too manufactured. The romantic angle between Sid and Aisha on the other hand is dealt in a most matured manner and right until the climax has a certain freshness to it. The movie's innocent sountrack with that brilliant number 'Iktara' is perhaps the highlight.

Wake Up Sid didn't manage to keep me away from sleep for long. In Ranbir and Konkona, it had two very efficient actors but little happens around them for their work to make an impact. It is a one-time watch strictly if you are a Ranbir Kapoor fan, I wouldn't know any other way to put this mildly.

Rating: 5.2/10

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